Our practice

Al Shaali & Co

Our approach provides our clients with three unique principals that we at Al Shaali & Co Advocates and Legal Consultants IP Division stand for:

1. Fixed Fees
We do not trade on time we trade on effective results! As our aim is to provide a quality service to our clients, we work on a fixed fee basis which is simple, transparent and clear. 

2. No Success, No Fees

We also work on success basis, if we are unable to provide you with the results we promised, you don’t need to pay.

No other law firm in the region is able to deliver the results like we do and this why we are confident in this fact that we only charge our professional fees based on success basis.

3. Joint Cases to reduce the professional fees:

Please note that costs would be reduced significantly if we would also ask other brand owners to join into the action. Since we represent a wide range of brand owners in all industries, our clients usually benefit as this will reduce their costs and give them a chance to conduct more actions with even a limited budget.

Our People make it possible. This is why we continuously attract, train, and invest long-term in our employees.

Our People also are our partners and associates who were carefully selected to create a network of the best IP people in ever y country to help develop and execute the same professional excellence delivered to you in a simple, direct and result oriented approach.